Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visiting Artist series dark this Thursday

Unfortunately our painter-in-residence, Caitlin Lonegan, has withdrawn from the lecture series, so we don't have a speaker lined up for this week.  But the discussion class will still be held at 5:30.

Though Caitlin is not presenting, we will still discuss the status of painting today.  I will be emailing you an article by David Joselit, provided to me by Caitlin, entitled "Painting Beside Itself."  Please look for this and read it before class!

Also, I would like to start featuring a few of your blogs in each class.  I will make a selection of a few blogs, and ask the authors to discuss their theme.  Think of this as free publicity, a chance to entice your colleagues to follow your blog.  I am not telling who I select beforehand, so anyone in the class might be called on!  This should not require any preparation beyond staying current with the blog assignment.

See you Thursday!

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