Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kerry Tribe and Mungo Thomson on Thursday

Get set for a double header on Thursday featuring Los Angeles-based multi-media artists Kerry Tribe and Mungo Thomson who both will screen and discuss their work.  Thomson will come to our class in HFA 257, and we'll head to CBC A112 for Tribe's talk.  Update: Tribe's talk will also be held in HFA 257, at 7pm.

Here's a short interview with Tribe, and some meatier reviews to read prior to her visit--this one from Frieze and this one from The GuardianHere is a press release for a current exhibition of her work.

Thomson will speak informally and screen something for the early class.  Read Suzanne Hudson's text on Thomson written for the Hammer Museum in 2008, and watch his artist's talk in the video to the right.  We have not asked Thomson to give a formal artists talk--just a screening--so this should not be redundant, and will prepare you to have a discussion with him in class.


  1. Tribe has a very interesting approach to the subject matter and I fully enjoy the idea of showcasing the man with a 20 second memory, and this idea of having a memory this short what life would be like to live. I look forward to seeing more of her work and how she goes about coming to her subject matter. As for Thomson I think he has a hand in everything, but the ideas behind his trying to merge art into film, music and other medias where the artwork is confusing the viewer into wanted to purchase the work as something it's not. In the video is mentioned having something for sale in each show he does and that seems to be a way for him to commercialize his artwork. Interesting for sure.

  2. With both artists our perceptions are challenged. As Thomson said, he is interested in the gap between his work and the audience. Tribe makes us question any certainty we have that memory is anything other than a slippery place. I look forward to both artist visits this evening and the questions they will introduce.

  3. What a wonderful presentation tonight was. Motivational and inspirational on many levels.

    I left todays class feeling very 'full'. Great choice.