Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hennessey Youngman at Family Business

Many of you are fans of Henessey Youngman and will be excited to learn about his new show.  It's just unfortunate that you missed his open call for art...

"Last month, Jayson Musson, an artist best known for his YouTube ­performances as the droll hip-hop art critic Hennessy Youngman (“a.k.a. the pedagogic pimp”), issued an open call for a show at a tiny storefront called Family Business that had just opened amid the grand name-brand galleries of Chelsea. “Anyone, and I mean anyone, bring their work down. Bring the fucking family couch,” he said. “Bring big-ass paintings, little-ass paintings, things you painted in 1998 which is ugly as fuck … you got big-ass sculpture you want to show that won’t fit through the door, bring it down and we’ll just cut that bitch in half and reattach it when it’s back inside.”


  1. I had talked about this with some folks in an art group on fb back when he first posted the open call. I considered it, but really could not find the time to coordinate a submission. It really took democratic art to a whole new level.

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  3. I really enjoyed this video by way of performance art even if it was just an open call for art work for his show.