Friday, April 20, 2012

Mai Ueda at the Cosmopolitan

I hope that some of you will be able to attend the Tea Ceremony performances and tell us about the experience!


  1. What a great use of the idea of network. Connecting the past to the present through ancient ritual (tea) and the modern ritual of self watching(video). Also intriguing is the idea that we can perhaps experience our own 'Floating World' on which the projection places emphasis.

  2. Brook and I went to this on Saturday night and we had an amazing time! We were lucky enough to have tea on the moon. The P3 studio was separated into 2 spaces, one side was the lobby/entrance and the other was the tea room.

    At the entrance you were greeted by Mai Ueda's assistant, who had a funny mesh bag over her head and gave you an introduction to how the tea ceremony was going to be conducted on the moon and how it was encouraged to not float away too far during the actual drinking of the tea. She was very serious about such instructions, but had a very energetic approach to the project! After this, you were told to leave your shoes on a designated mat and to sign in. All participants had to write their name on rice paper using a calligraphy brush and Japanese ink. Having no practice with brushes and painting, making my name legible was pretty hard!! There was also a seating area within this space, composed of chairs with panda suits draped over them and placed in a circular form.

    From here we entered the room where the tea ceremony would be held, or shall I say, the moon. We followed the lead of Mai Ueda and her assistant on how to behave ourselves while on the surface of the moon, gracefully hopping for a half hour was great exercise! While the tea was prepared in a traditional manner, everything else felt so futuristic, new, and fun! I felt pretty light, happy, and excited during the whole ceremony. It was a whole other set of feelings when we left though, all of the sudden I remembered everything that weighs us down: stress, time constraints, difficulties, etc.

    I highly enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone. Here is a link to video of that night. While Brook and I stayed out of the scope of the camera, we were featured in a few pictures, which have not been uploaded yet.

    1. Diana, please tell the class about this tonight--Brooke also! Sounds like a fascinating experience!

  3. I am going to attend this tomorrow! Can't wait to blog about it :) I love tea ceremonies and am so glad Cosmopolitan always have guest artists come in for art performances, they always create an engaging and interactive experience with the people walking around the casino.